Thursday, May 22, 2008

Contribute to "Sport Image Blog" ..see the cool pics.

For the LOVE of the SPort Photo.. check out this blog..

Cattle Cow BLog.. Moo ve on in..
This blog is for the Cattle lover and Cow enthusiast. Great Pasture pictures and Cattle Photo Ops.

High School Musical "Fan Blog"
Check out this High School Musical Fan Blog. Several great pictures...

Bloghopping Beautiful pictures thanks to "Docetere"

Beautiful pictures.. Plus check out the cool blog graphics. :-)

Monday, May 19, 2008

sensory-explosive meal! What a treat from "Loo"
WOw does this look good. Loo has the recipe on her blog.. thank you .. thank you..thank you :-)

Artist Textile "Creation" Ummm?

While Blog Hopping I came across this very unusual Artist Textile Creation that I couldn't help but be intrigued by..

Incredible Animal Pictures from "Kluanglunatic"

I can't read a word.. but these pictures of the animals are AWESOME!!

Great News Junkie Blog..English Teacher from Morocco

Abdelilah Boukili from
Marrakesh, Morocco has a great World Current Event Blog based on News from BBC. Abdelilah is an English Teacher who is an informed News Junkie who seems to feel compelled to do his part in educating people with the facts plus adding his own thought provoking take.

If you are a News Junkie as I am you will appreciate this Blog.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Georgeous Flower Picture from "Garden Boy"

Pictures of the Day.. From the Bloggosphere

Awesome Fast Car Pictures...Zoom ... Luigi's fast cars

If you are a fast car enthusiast I think you might enjoy this blog
Not only are the Pictures impressive the drivers are too.

WOW what a Mess of Japanese Koi fish from the blogersphere

WOw.. Like usual I have no Idea what any of this says but check out these hungry fish...

Kids enjoy World of "Blog" with their Pals

I came across this great blog by "11 year old Howard" which brought me back 30 years to when I had many "pen pals" across the pond and around the states. I used to love hearing from my far away friends. I only wish my own children (11 year old Andrew and 16 year old Ari) would of had interest to follow my lead.

I was thoroughly impressed by the writing of this very talented young man. He lets us know about his new discoveries from interesting places in the world and about his lasted "Reads" as well as writing about current events.
If you have children or are a teacher Blog Pals is a great adventure to discover.
This is great

Saturday, May 17, 2008

50,000 cupcakes from the "Cupcake queen"

University of Maryland celebration of the 10th anniversary of Maryland Day
WOW.. Now I love cupcakes.. I noticed on Ellen yesterday that she had a cake made out of cupcakes and I thought "YUMMY" and low and behold the mother-load of all. This picture is from which in turn was from another one of the fantastic "cup cake queen "s sites.
For the love of the cup cake you will enjoy looking at her creations..

The wacky world of Fan Blogs... Suri Cruise Fashions

Just another Fashion Diva.. Suri Cruise

Ok while I was a blog hopping I came across this "Fan Blog " of Fashion for Suri Cruise. How incredible is that.. The world of the blog is endless... Not to mention this little girl is absolutely adorable.. Please check out
Just for the "Fan" of it :-)

Wow this is Wild ..Picture "Agathafiles"

Again, I have no idea what any of this says//// But this pictures is absolutely incredible.. check out agathas other pictures.

Beautiful Pictures from "Markus in Coimbra" Portugal

Beautiful Bridge

This Beautiful picture is from "Markus in Coimbra"
I am assuming this is written in Portuguese, therefore I can't read a word, but the pictures are gorgeous..

Fun in the Land of Travel Blogs... Morocco with Ryan and Nicole

Jmaa el Fnaa. aka Tourist Trap. Snake charmers, pet monkeys
This is from "Ryan and Nicole's Happenings" Travel blog.
They are in Rabat (the capital of Morocco) which by the looks of it is totally cool. I for one love "Travel blogs". They have put many gorgeous pictures on the blog. It's always fun getting away without having to actually go anywhere.

Foam Sculpting Art fun fun

Ok this first one is from a blog that I stumbled across through a goggle search for Today is. I don't know what happened to this guy (assuming this is a guy) but this One hit wonder sure is talented in the art of "Foam sculpting". If you have a minute check out this blog and have fun.