Monday, September 21, 2009

Artist Sarah-Mace Dennis Teaching us In Her Time

Untitled #1 from the series Nothing Will Have Taken Place
 (2004) explores absence, desire and the spaces in between

Monkey Hill

Swimming Animistic, a temporary public video work commissioned by Artworkers Alliance and Portside Wharf (Brisbane) launched and was exhibited for six weeks outside the Dendy cinemas from mid November 2008.

Sarah-Mace Dennis 2003. Tracing the Trail of the Dead: Asylum Bathing Area #2. Lambda print. 100cm x 150cm
The Lady in Red shoes, is a postcard that I received from Larissa in Australia through the Postcrossing Project. It is an artist Card that artist's often use to promote their work. These are of course one of my favorite types of postcards.

Sarah-Mace Dennis is an interdisciplinary artist who works with photo media, film, sound, installation, performance, interactive environments and critical and creative writing. Her work "takes interest in the known, the unknown and the traces of presence that linger somewhere between these states." In particular she is interested in "the affect that histories-be they personal or collective- have on the construction of subjectivity, and in turn, our understanding of time, space and our place within it."

Sarah is the type of artist that helps to document how things "really are". People will look back on our "crazy" time period and wonder why we did what we did, and Sarah's art will be part of the process of understanding it. This is just another reason why art is so important. The artist tries to make sense of it all through the art process that comes from the subconscious and the discipline that they spend their lives perfecting. It is a science all into itself.

I look forward to learning from Sarah's perspective that she shares through her writing as well as her art. Be sure to check out her work, You'll be glad you did~

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