Sunday, November 22, 2009

Remembering Charles Seliger

Painter Charles Seliger passed away six weeks ago at the age of 83 from a massive stroke. I just finished reading the Artist Addison Parks' blog Artdeal Magazine and loved what he had to say about his friend Mr. Seliger ; "He was an artist. Artist as poet, explorer, gardener, astronomer, composer, and botanist. Artist as painter." make sure you go to Addison's blog to read his whole post. I was weepy when I was done.

We always hear how anything worthwhile takes time, and  you only get out of things what you put into them. These are the lessons that I am now reminded of. Patience to walk through life and take its turns one at a time. Not rushing through it to end up at a dead end.  At the end of his life Charles Seliger had gone through his journey participating in it all, giving it his all. We are lucky that he was such a man, that he left his legacy in his art for us to enjoy for generations to come.


Cellular Mansion
1945 Oil on Canvas

Ways of Nature 10
crylic, colored pencil, matte gel, and beeswax varnish on gessoed Masonite.
read more at the Brooklyn Rail

 Redefining Abstract Expressionism
 Book available at Amazon

 Don Quixote 1944
found this at the blog A Journey Round My Skull

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Art and Beauty of Lesley Dill's Language

Lithograph on newspaper
Can be found at Artnet

found at the Hunter Museum Of American Art

See a Virtual  tour on Youtube courtesy of the Hunter Museum

  I was listening to my favorite talk radio at WMNF's show Art In Your Ear this afternoon when the guest on the program was Lesley Dill. (you can hear the podcast here). Lesley is an extraordinary mulit-media  artist who uses everything from foil, newspaper to photographs with all  types of materials and textures in between.
"An English major before she became an artist, Dill found her artistic vision when her mother gave her a book of Emily Dickinson’s poetry. Dickinson’s words resonated with Dill, sparking images that the artist says she just could not ignore." She's a visionary artist bringing her love of words to her artwork. Her artwork is known for it's spiritual and sensual nature.
Lesley Dill  has traveled and lived in India and  currently lives in New York.  Her most recent exhibition
I Heard A Voice is of her large scale theatrical art work and is currently being shown in St. Pete's MFA.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Shadows, Reflections and A Photoshop Tutorial

Shadows and Reflections, originally uploaded by roddh.
Rod who currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts USA as a Software Developer has an amazing Flickr Photostream and is as much an artist as he is a photographer and software developer. He uses texture and color to it's fullest. I especially love the wine glasses in this image. He has a tutorial at his flickr and show's us how he makes these incredible images. He's talented and a great teacher! Thanks Rod~

find here

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rockers and Their Art

Rock Art Show

A Man Called John

Thanks to Artist Geree McDermott  for turning me onto the website  Rock Art Show. This site has "hundreds of cool rock art pieces in every price range for every music and art fan.Their site is a visual history of Rock from the Rat Pack to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.....from Aerosmith to ZZ Top and everything in between!" The Rock Art Show travels throughout the United States, you can find their tour dates here, and are sponsored by local radio stations.Portions of the proceeds then goes to local charities. The Rock Art Show blog has  fun stuff too, some behind the scenes events, such as the artists with their fans and where the art is now~

Jerry Garcia

Tony Bennett

You Make Me Feel So Young
Frank Sinatra