Sunday, November 22, 2009

Remembering Charles Seliger

Painter Charles Seliger passed away six weeks ago at the age of 83 from a massive stroke. I just finished reading the Artist Addison Parks' blog Artdeal Magazine and loved what he had to say about his friend Mr. Seliger ; "He was an artist. Artist as poet, explorer, gardener, astronomer, composer, and botanist. Artist as painter." make sure you go to Addison's blog to read his whole post. I was weepy when I was done.

We always hear how anything worthwhile takes time, and  you only get out of things what you put into them. These are the lessons that I am now reminded of. Patience to walk through life and take its turns one at a time. Not rushing through it to end up at a dead end.  At the end of his life Charles Seliger had gone through his journey participating in it all, giving it his all. We are lucky that he was such a man, that he left his legacy in his art for us to enjoy for generations to come.


Cellular Mansion
1945 Oil on Canvas

Ways of Nature 10
crylic, colored pencil, matte gel, and beeswax varnish on gessoed Masonite.
read more at the Brooklyn Rail

 Redefining Abstract Expressionism
 Book available at Amazon

 Don Quixote 1944
found this at the blog A Journey Round My Skull

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