Saturday, September 26, 2009

Deb Company Wants us all to live an Artful Life

These are the creations of Deborah Company of Debco Art and she is amazing! Not only did she follow her muse and gut and head out on her own to create her art she has also made it her goal  to "become a well-known personality on YouTube with thousands of subscribers and lots of art sales." Deb is a self taught artist and  she is also a self taught Art Video Guru and uses her exsperience to help others to learn the ropes of self marketing through YouTube. DebCo Art has produced over 85 videos on her YouTube Channel. She offers a wide range of art workshops at her  Mixed Media Workshops, and of course she has an Etsy store full of fantastic finds.

You can also find a full list of Deb's adventures at her website. Oh ,The Fun we will have.....

Monday, September 21, 2009

Artist Sarah-Mace Dennis Teaching us In Her Time

Untitled #1 from the series Nothing Will Have Taken Place
 (2004) explores absence, desire and the spaces in between

Monkey Hill

Swimming Animistic, a temporary public video work commissioned by Artworkers Alliance and Portside Wharf (Brisbane) launched and was exhibited for six weeks outside the Dendy cinemas from mid November 2008.

Sarah-Mace Dennis 2003. Tracing the Trail of the Dead: Asylum Bathing Area #2. Lambda print. 100cm x 150cm
The Lady in Red shoes, is a postcard that I received from Larissa in Australia through the Postcrossing Project. It is an artist Card that artist's often use to promote their work. These are of course one of my favorite types of postcards.

Sarah-Mace Dennis is an interdisciplinary artist who works with photo media, film, sound, installation, performance, interactive environments and critical and creative writing. Her work "takes interest in the known, the unknown and the traces of presence that linger somewhere between these states." In particular she is interested in "the affect that histories-be they personal or collective- have on the construction of subjectivity, and in turn, our understanding of time, space and our place within it."

Sarah is the type of artist that helps to document how things "really are". People will look back on our "crazy" time period and wonder why we did what we did, and Sarah's art will be part of the process of understanding it. This is just another reason why art is so important. The artist tries to make sense of it all through the art process that comes from the subconscious and the discipline that they spend their lives perfecting. It is a science all into itself.

I look forward to learning from Sarah's perspective that she shares through her writing as well as her art. Be sure to check out her work, You'll be glad you did~

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Art Of Fashion Designer Alexander McQueen

London's Alexander McQueen is known for "both the emotional power and raw energy of the shows as well as the romantic but determinedly contemporary nature of the collections. Integral to the McQueen culture is the juxtaposition between contrasting elements: fragility and strength, tradition and modernity and fluidity and severity. An openly emotional and even passionate viewpoint is realised with a profound respect and influence for the arts and crafts tradition."
At McQueen's Website be sure to check out the runway archives, they are incredible. He has more creativity in his little finger than most of us have in our entire being~

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Carole Bayer Sager's Blooming Art

Oil on Canvas

“The Clicker (Bob Daly, my husband)”
Charcoal on Paper
48” x 36”

"Abstract For Claude"
Oil on Canvas
36" x 48"
These are from Carole Bayer Sager, the multi talented songwriter, who wrote "That's What Friends Are For", "Don't Cry Out Loud" just to name a couple, has taken the Artist's journey following her muse to develop her painting. She has a post on Huffington post today and has a website showing off her latest pieces of work.

I enjoyed reading about her progress, how she sends pic.s of her work to her mentors for their help, and how she has taken on the challenge to spend the time to follow her late blooming passion.
Carole writes, "To me it only reinforced what I have always believed. If you want to do something enough, do it. If you can dream it, you will be entirely surprised at what may happen."
It's awesome when we follow the fun in life, and the rest of us get to enjoy the fruit of the labor.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wearable Art

I first found some of these beautiful designs at Bored Stop.
These amazing Wristlets and Jewels are created by the Polymer clay Artist Kathleen Dustin. Kathleen is simply amazing. She has been working as artist for 30 years. She works with her intuitive side and lets nature drive her.

She is "often also asked, "Why purses? Why don´t you make figurines or sculptures?" The reason is because a figurine or sculpture just sits there collecting dust. You aren't supposed to touch it. But because these purses are functional, you are supposed to touch them, caress them and examine them. Your life is enhanced because it´s wonderful to carry beautiful things around with you and use them. And that is what I want my creations to do."
Check out her Website where her incredible creations are available to purchase.and She even has a blog :-}