Saturday, August 29, 2009

Driftwood Horses

These incredible driftwood sculptures are by the artist Heather Jansch. I was sent an "traveling email" from a dear friend of a selection of Ms. Hanschs work. Heather lives and creates at her Sedgewood Coach House near Plymouth England. She has a beautiful website that shows the incredible countryside where she works, and her adventures of collecting wood. She has her Book, Heather Jansch's Diary...A Life In The Year Of By Heather Jansch, available at her website. I found a great review by Richard Marcus at his blog Leap In The Dark. It sounds like a great book for the Artist and the non artist alike, delving into the artistic process while living a day to day life.
Heather Jansch's sculptures bring together her material of choice, wood and her passion for creatures especially horses and gives them a spirit of their own. Visiting her website is such a treat. Now I'm in the process of finding postcards of her work, to add to my collection.