Monday, August 24, 2009

Tons of Talent from Lemon Tree Tales

Sunfire Mermaid
Tami made Sunfire from an online class given by Anela Jarecki Hosted by Doll Street Dreamers
Tami made this quilt as part of the Four Seasons Quilt Swap

Tami's Version of one of Mimi Kerchners Creations

One of Tami's Dotee Dolls

One of Tami's many Flat Paper Dolls

These Delicious pieces of work are from Tami at Lemon Tree Tales . Tami Levin lives and works in Sunnyvale California and is inspired by her own muse a fairy named Lemondrop. She has a blog, 101 Fairy Lane , a website Lemon Tree Tales. and even an Etsy Store .Oh, so much fun..
Tami specializes in Cloth doll making, quilting and sewing and seems to have an endless supply of creative desire to discover more. Lemon Tree Tales is full of art and inspiration, while tami shares her artistic process and creative energy and fills every spare moment of her time making what she loves. Go visit Lemondrop and Tami at Lemon Tree Tales. You'll be so glad you did~


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