Friday, January 22, 2010

Crafty or Artsy? Or Just Bringing Out Your Inner child?

Snow fun, originally uploaded by my dog sighs.
This is from "my dog sighs" one of my favorite "creative genius" on Flickr! He created these snow stack people, aren't they awesome!
I thought this picture sets up for my topic for the day..
"Out growing" childlike art.. Hummmm
While I was clicking through Flickr and was looking at some of my "contacts" new uploads I came across some synchronicity in action, which is always  CoOL~
this is how it went...
This what I read...
"I got fired up about a letter to the editor that I read in the recent issue of Somerset Studio. So I wrote a letter to respond to that letter that got me all riled up.

Then I folded it up, put it in an envelope, and Zen-ed myself by decorating the envelope."
then Me..

no way.. Ok, so about an hour ago I was flipping through my "somerset studio" that I bought today, (It's been like a year since I splurged and bought myself a copy) and I was reading the Jenny Doh letters.. then I chill out clicking through Flickr.. And here I find this "beautiful cover" ..Your letter "vibes" were so strong I felt them all the way here in Florida!

Basically what the  "Letter to the Editor" writer is  saying is.. Hey, Loved your magazine, but I've outgrown you, cause now that I've retired from teaching elementary kids "visual arts"  I'm a "Real Artist" and have outgrown you, your childish art and your readers.. and what do they think they are anyway.. "craftspeople" or "fine artists"? ...(little c and little fa) and besides.. someone else gave me this subscription anyway. Ouch..

Then me..

If you are referring to the letter from "S R W" ..OMG! I just hope she didn't infect too many children with her "opinion". The truth is that most of us stop learning art in our county in Elementary school due to our wonderful "educational system" that she was a part of.
I will also point out that some "Artists" with a capital A are "holier than thou" so she's just tapping into that. But the majority of artist's (that I've met anyway) would laugh at her comment. Following the Muse is what's important to most us, and I wouldn't be surprised if she shuts her Muse off!
as far as "do most of your readers consider themselves "craftspeople" or "fine artist".. Most of us play with our "art" not to define ourselves but to set ourselves free from "labels". I for one may not have much "talent" but at no other time am I happier than when I'm "playing" with art. As for the Artist's that are schooled and educated as "Fine Artists", they are like our "Professors" and they deserve our respect but by no means do most of us consider "art" only for the "Elite" that's like saying that the only people that should write are the people who write books.. UGH


Joy said...

Brava lady, brava! Love it. Well said. I know Somerset Studio is going to get a torrent of letters in response to this woman's words.

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