Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Discovering the Guards of the Art World

Swipe Magazine
This illustration, used on the cover of Sw!pe Magazine, is a pen and ink by Jack Laughner.
Today while  listening to NPR's Morning Edition there was a great story about a group of  Guards at the  Metropolitan Museum of  Art . They have published a magazine displaying their own art. They stand around all day and night protecting some of the most important valuable art in the world, meanwhile being surrounded by the people observing the art. In turn they are the observers of the observing. As you learn about The Guards you discover that each of them has their own purpose for working as guards surrounded by art and got their in their own unique way.
Even though  each of the Guards have distinctively  different backgrounds, they have the desire to be creative in common. They cover the spectrum of Genre of both the visual and literary word, while showcasing different  methods from surrealism to contemporary photography with many places between. Their stories are as interesting as their art. While some of the guards came to the Met with Artistic backgrounds some where inspired by the art itself and found their talents while there. 

 I love how they  are in these "regular" jobs while being in a "big" place while working on their own passions. That's one of the reason's I can't wait to get back to selling furniture. It's a really creative place for me..Even though there was hours of standing around "waiting" I did seem to be at my most creative. So,  hanging  out in our "regular" jobs can be used to help keep us impassioned.

"Buffalo Skull 1" colored pencil and graphite.

You can find a great article at the New York Times and also find the podcast to NPR's Morning Edition or read the transcript.
Barry Steely
2 Swimmers alkyd and oil
These are just a couple of many awesome pieces of work. Be sure to check out the many contributors to the Swipe Magazine and get a copy for yourself.

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