Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Enjoying the World We Live in One Post Card At A Time

This adventurous blog: Travel Postcard, belongs to Lay Hoon, who lives in Kajang, Malaysia. She has done a great job making this a gorgeous blog full of exotic pictures from postcards showcasing all four corners of the earth. It's great to enjoy not only the fronts of the postcards but also the stamps and the backs of the postcards.
I have previously written about my love of post cards in
post cards in postcrossing project, so this has been an exceptionally good find. Yesterday I sent out my first five post cards to China, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, and Brazil. I'm looking forward to having my own PostCard Wall.
Today on Lay Hoon's blog she had this cool postcard from Poland with a link to
A F e s i t i v a l o f P o s t c a r d s

It was interesting to come across UNESCO again. (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization).

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