Monday, June 15, 2009

****************The world of Orienteering

This is an Orienteering map from the blog Sherpes Trail. I find maps fascinating in many ways. The swirls, the lines, the circles are a work of art in themselves. Not to mention I have a very modest but very cool collection of maps that I use as Ephemera for Collage Altered Art. I have always thought that maps are beautiful, let alone the adventure of map making and map following a very cool hobby. I never new what Orienteering was until coming across this blog. My grandfather worked on trails and mapped them out many years ago in our summer cottage community in Michigan. He mapped out miles and miles of trails through the gorgeous vegetation in which we are given hours and hours of fun in nature, which is a welcome reprieve from our loud and busy lives.
Apparently Orienteering is the sport of following maps and having a determined amount of time in which to get to a designated point on the map. It is used as a training exercise in land navigation for the military. I enjoyed reading about the adventure on Sherpes Trail which is in western Pennsylvania. My husband just drove through Pennsylvania this past weekend on his way up to Cooperstown from Florida. He mentioned how crazy the driving was. The road construction and the weather was some of the worst he had ever driven through. It's funny to think that off those roads were some beautiful adventurous trails to get away from it all.

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