Monday, July 13, 2009

Art from Buenos Aires, Argentina

I found these on the blog Cuenteando. And what is way cool is that I used the Google Translator and now can read the blogs in other languages. So, I know maybe everybody has been doing this already.. But I hadn't.. can you feel my excitement.
So anyway, this is from Gaby's blog Cuenteando. These two pictures are from the Patio del Hospital de Arle's. The painting is a Vincent Van Gogh . This is the hospital where he stayed after the "ear" incident. Gaby writes on her blog about the "twisted" sense of these things.

These little Voodoo guys seem to be a challenge that Gaby was given from a friend. They are
made of "felt, cloth lenci, embroidery thread and have a pin with perlite in the heart".
Check out Gaby's blog..Even use the goggle translator. You will be glad you did~


Sweet carolain Arengando a la gilada..Por un mundo menos pedorro said...

gaby its amazin :D

Gaby said...

Thank you so much, Amanda, for this lovely comment about my blog.

Kisses from Buenos Aires!