Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ms. Taylor Webb The Ancient Speaker

Ms. Taylor Webb's Thought Blog is full of original art and thought provoking descriptions of each piece of work. Ms. Webb is in the midst of naming 300 paintings as she expresses "Creativity is so fulfilling and so hard at times." As any one in the creative process knows all too well.
Each piece of art work is brought to life by Ms. Webb's detailed journey of what the painting represents. You will not only enjoy her free spirited style of Art but will enjoy her spirited context of each beautiful piece of writing.

Bringing the Art and Voice together is something I personally enjoy. I appreciated Ms. Webb's self description as a "true polymath". Thanks to Wikipedia I now know that it means "Having learned much, A person whose knowledge is not restricted to one subject area" , and through this Ms. Webb shows us how to use both sides of our brains.
I feel not only inspired by her art by educated by her writings.

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