Sunday, July 5, 2009

Susi Galloway Finding the Beauty in the Storm

I found Susi Galloway's blog (Susi Galloway Fine Art Illustration Design) today while checking out some of her art. I'm instantly attracted to her artwork because of my love of the beach, clouds, and sunsets. She lives in Clearwater which is the closest beach to where I live here in Plant City, Florida. This particular picture was inspired while she was in Juno which is on the East Coast of Florida which is also a beautiful place to be.

There's also the West Coast of America represented in Susi's "City of Angels" painting and many from Arizona, and other fun places which instantly transport you there. There's also whimsical paintings and portraits full of expression and incredible color.

Susi's blog is great for the fan as well as the art enthusiast. I always think its cool seeing the artists inspiration and time line of the projects they're working on. The Youtube video that is on her blog has a large sample of her art work and is fun to watch.

Give yourself a treat and check out Susi Galloway's blog you'll be glad you did.

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Susi Galloway said...

I am thrilled to see my work and blog as a feature article on your site! Thank you very much for giving me the honor. If you are ever in Clearwater please get in touch with me. :-)