Monday, July 20, 2009

Signs of Passing Time In Art

These fascinating pictures are from Vincent Levy's blogs.
I first visited his blog Caraquet 2009 with the help of the Google Translator, as Vincent is from Paris and all his blogs are in French. This particular blog is for an Art Residence that he is participating in that is in Caraquet, New Brunswick, Quebec, Canada.
The Caraquet 2009 is a symposium where ten artists are brought together to produce an art installation based on this years theme "Space Cathedral" for a public setting.
The participating visual artists are from Acadia Maritime, Quebec, Vancover and France.
Vincent Levy has worked in the field of Video and film and his primary focus has been using "time" as his subject. He takes pictures of people and uses these images to present the trace of time and memory. He does this both with digital film and video. In the Symposium his installation "Ghosts" is made up of pictures he has taken "on the spot" and displays the ceramic printed with pictures. "Each of these pictures represents a person encountered during his passage, and the Phantom installation archives the history of Acadia. These ceramics are designed to be suspended under a tree that will be installed in the exhibition".
I'm always interested in the creative process and appreciate it when artist such as Vincent let us in to the process and see "behind the scenes".
Be sure to check out these Fascinating blogs. You will be glad you did~

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