Monday, June 29, 2009

Lambsworld In a Paper Crafting World

Linda, who lives in Washington has the awesome blog Lambsworld. Linda is into all the fun stuff, paper crafts, ATC's, mixed media art, jewelry making and shopping for all the fun stuff to make her beautiful creations with.
Linda's blog has all sorts of fun art to check out.

This piece is shown on the blog with what Linda had to start with. It is pure fun. Be sure to check it out.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mixed Media Diva Show's us her Latest Soldering Sensation

Studio Suzanne is the blog of Suzanne Melvin. Suzanne Lives in Germantown Tennessee and designs, manufactures and markets her own line of unique rubber stamps.

Suzanne works in collage and mixed media where her favorite elements for her own pieces of art are vintage papers, pressed flowers, fabric and buttons.

Today on Suzanne's blog she has a post on Soldering Practice which highlights a twilight piece that she made for one of her own Twilight crazed daughters.

I was just this morning looking through the book Collage Lost and Found at the soldering techniques. This is enough to make me finally give it a try.

Monique Verbeek Little Miss Muffet
Be sure to check out Suzanne's line of all sorts of fun stuff at oxford impressions and whatever you do, Don't miss checking out her gallery.
Oh the fun you'll have :-)

Altered Art Trash to Treasure Cigar King

I love altered art and this blog just adds to my creative heaven. The Blog is Trash to Treasure and the artist extraordinaire is Lynn Stevens. Lynn lives in Luna, Idaho and is an all around talented artist. It has been a life long adventure for her where she has created wildlife paintings, wood sculptures, murals, and works with faux finishing. "She also designs Historical signs for Idaho for sightseeing
Places along the roadside". She seems to me to be a stamping and altered art genius who is over flowing with talent and a desire to share with the art enthusiast.
This beautiful cigar with wings is one from her bountiful stash. She credits the stamps to ibrakeforstamps and the crowns to oxforddimpressions.
I hope you have as much fun discovering her blog as I have!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

This beautiful Piece of Art is found on the blog of Lisa McShane at 100 Paintings She's an oil painter in Bellingham Washington and is drawn to the landscape of the intermountain west.She loves the light, the fields of wheat, the big skies and the ribbons of road cutting through the land, as show in the Painting above. Lisa also has a website Lisa McShane Paintings.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Enjoying the World We Live in One Post Card At A Time

This adventurous blog: Travel Postcard, belongs to Lay Hoon, who lives in Kajang, Malaysia. She has done a great job making this a gorgeous blog full of exotic pictures from postcards showcasing all four corners of the earth. It's great to enjoy not only the fronts of the postcards but also the stamps and the backs of the postcards.
I have previously written about my love of post cards in
post cards in postcrossing project, so this has been an exceptionally good find. Yesterday I sent out my first five post cards to China, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, and Brazil. I'm looking forward to having my own PostCard Wall.
Today on Lay Hoon's blog she had this cool postcard from Poland with a link to
A F e s i t i v a l o f P o s t c a r d s

It was interesting to come across UNESCO again. (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization).

Show and Tell the whole year long

Jill McDonald Designs
Luck would have it that I would today discover the designer Jill McDonnalds blog
Show and Tell
Pure magic I tell you. For starters I just put a really cool Pink flower on as my newest screensaver, and was talking about how I "love" flower designs on everything. Then , today I am sunshined (that's the only word that explains it) by this new picture on Jill's blog. Not to mention that all the other really cool designs on her blog will make you smile.
Then theres the Jill McDonald Canvas Reproductions by Oopsy daisy at baby that will make you look forward to all the babyshowers that you will be invited to.

Saved in the Fire?

This one's a little weird, I think? There was a fire? There's trains, a munny, chia pets, and Caring. My Blog Hop today is starting out on the wild side. I am always amazed by our different styles of art. This one sure has a mind of its own. Check out the funky art at Carolines blog at CARE.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oh the Fun you will have

This cute picture sloanetanen is from the blog of Kraftykym. Oh where do I start? Kym's blog is nothing but fun and ahh. All it takes is a creative enthusiast to open up more of our incredibly art filled world and the smiles can't help but hurt your face.

Kym is an art director in Minnesota and is overflowing with her creative juices. She has a really cute line of baby onesies and boys T's with ties on etsy at Kraftykym. Also on Kyms blog are some really neat fashion art pictures.
Sloan Tanen artist and photographer Stefan Hagen have the cutest book series I can't wait to see more.

Travel Blogs have the best pictures

This adorable picture is from the vacation pictures from Krista and Toby at Sadie's Folks blog. I love travel blogs they always have the best stories and pictures. The church pictures are great architecture works of art that really amazing.
I've also noticed lately many blogs mentioning the loss of their pets which is always so sad. It is warming to to read about these sweet creatures that enhance our Mere mortal lives.

Remembering The Sweetness of Doing Nothing

While on my blog hopping adventures, I came across Dolce, a new blogger with a creative spirit. I loved reading about il dolce far niente, an italian saying, the "sweetness of doing nothing". Dolce is on summer vacation from their job in the school system and has started a summer of fun of making things and doing things, and saving some time to do nothing. May we all remember to do this.
Today my journey is to learn more about il dolce far niente.

Monday, June 22, 2009

While visiting Karyl Dokos blog I found this great piece of art by Jacob Hashimoto. His work is so beautiful that I had to learn about him. He is a Japanese American living and working in LA, who uses many traditional time staking techniques. He is apparently most known for his Authentic kite making and creates huge sculpture forms out of thousands of hand made kites. Check out more of his art work you will be glad you did.

Artists taught by Wabi Sabi

As found on the blog of Karyl Dokos these pictures show part of her journey of exploring the different venues of creation and art. The essence of creativity. The lessons of the Wabi Sabi were beauty comes from raw forms is comforting in the development of art.
This Painting is by artist Dennis Hollingsworth. He uses massive texture which is one of the explorations of Karyls blog.
This picture of the tree bark is just one of the examples from Karyls blog in where she explores the intricacies of texture and form. Check out her blog for more inspiring and thought provoking art.

Post Card Wall and 43things

While checking out Postcrossing I checked out Todd Schoonovers Post card wall. He is the reining champ of Post cards sent and received, over 1100 each way. Very impressive to say the least. While checking out his many cool post cards I came across his link to , which is a goal setting web site. It's a community of Goal setters that inspire and cheer each other on. How cool is that!!

Post Cards in PostCrossing Project Blog

I have always loved postcards. From as far back as I can remember I was excited at the presence of one in the mailbox. I grew to collect them from antique stores and the such. I hopped onto this fun blog at Postcrossing-Postcards all over the world.

Lisan from the Netherlands has been participating in the Postcrossing Project since March 2009. Lisans Blog has many of her postcards that she has received. Along with the pictures of the Post cards its fun to read about the history that goes along with it. This reminds me of when I was a young girl not long living in the U.S. and had many friends back home in England that I used to write back and forth with, not to mention the stamp collection I had.

With all our technology and the Internet it is easy to understand how we lost a favorite past time of writing letters. Post cards are fun and non committal and don't take up a large amount of time. I'm sure I'm not the only one that gets overwhelmed by the thought of sitting down and writing a letter. I have a hard enough time writing emails. This Postcard project however seems like it could be a lot of fun. Thanks to Lisans Blog I have signed up and will be sending out my first postcard tomorrow in the mail:-)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

******************Glitter and Shimmer Galore in the Paper Crafting World

Brandi at Sparkle Shimmer and Twinkle has a cute blog for the Paper Crafter. Cute Pixies and puppies and so much more :-)

Monday, June 15, 2009

**********Spangled Stars

As I was leaving for work yesterday I noticed that there were flags out in front of our sub-sub division and wondered why they were there, then I forgot about it. As coincidence would have it, Suzy at Prickly Pear Scrapbook blog had an answer for me. It was flag day yesterday. June 14th is the day that commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States, which happened that day by resolution of the Second Continental Congress in 1777.

Back to Suzy's blog, this is a great scrapbooking blog in which she not only shows you her beautiful creations but tells you how she made them as well as what supplies and techniques she uses. She uses products from the ShabbyShoppe were I learned that my own personal favorite method of altered art is now called hybrid scrapping.

Be sure to check out Suzys blog, I know I will be checking out all the delightful designs.

****************The world of Orienteering

This is an Orienteering map from the blog Sherpes Trail. I find maps fascinating in many ways. The swirls, the lines, the circles are a work of art in themselves. Not to mention I have a very modest but very cool collection of maps that I use as Ephemera for Collage Altered Art. I have always thought that maps are beautiful, let alone the adventure of map making and map following a very cool hobby. I never new what Orienteering was until coming across this blog. My grandfather worked on trails and mapped them out many years ago in our summer cottage community in Michigan. He mapped out miles and miles of trails through the gorgeous vegetation in which we are given hours and hours of fun in nature, which is a welcome reprieve from our loud and busy lives.
Apparently Orienteering is the sport of following maps and having a determined amount of time in which to get to a designated point on the map. It is used as a training exercise in land navigation for the military. I enjoyed reading about the adventure on Sherpes Trail which is in western Pennsylvania. My husband just drove through Pennsylvania this past weekend on his way up to Cooperstown from Florida. He mentioned how crazy the driving was. The road construction and the weather was some of the worst he had ever driven through. It's funny to think that off those roads were some beautiful adventurous trails to get away from it all.

Friday, June 12, 2009

***********Button Embellishments Galore

Button Floozies is one of my favorite recent finds.I would be safe in saying that all Embellishment enthusiasts have a love affair with buttons. We see them as candy for our art work and play things. This beautiful Art blog seems to be a cooperative blog with many different collaborators.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pockets of Lockets and so much more

This blog is adorable for sure as seen at
. Diane Duda has her beautiful art at where you will find her one of a kind lockets. THEY ARE AWESOME!!!
Diane is one creative lady. Check out yet another one of her blogs at
Not only does she come up with beautiful designs she is respectful of the materials she chooses to use, with them being either recycled or environmentally friendly in their construction. WOW..definitely "AWE" worthy!!!

Scrapbook Krokodille Fun

This scrapbook layout is one of the cutiest that I've ever seen with all the detail. I found this at
which is a great blog by Julie Allain full of different scrap artists. (She has a couple of really great blogs). Back to this scrapbook page, it was created by hanna in Norway. Check out her art at
so much fun, not enough time.

Male Crafter Extraordinaire

which is "Ramblings of a clumsy male crafter!" Calv who lives in the UK has a great blog with some very interesting art. The "Fairy Doors" are adorable as well as the card art and Rotty who seems to be an adventurous little rat. Calv does have a "copyright" notice on his site so I'm afraid you'll just have to take the leap and check it out for yourself.

Doddle Bug Miniature House

When I was about to hop on over to another blog I came across this adorable miniature "Doddle Bug House". I love miniature houses and the like. The imagination soars on the clouds that swirl around this precious tiny abode.

More Card Making Maddness

From Victoria Mays Cottage I linked to from Maddy Hill in England. This is another card making blog which is also adorable. All the eye candy on this blog is therapy for the tired soul.

Early Morning Riser. What kind of bird is this?

This cute little guy is from
Tricia has a cute blog with card making and stamping. I also found the cutest widget on her blog. The kitty cat.
As for the cards and such, they are "awe" worthy for which I wish I had the patience to make. I had fun just looking at them and hope you will too.